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“Mudra” is combination of  postures and Breath”. “Prana” is Breath or vital energy in the body. On subtle levels, prana represents the pranic energy responsible for life or life force, and “ayama” means control. So Pranayama is “Control of Breath”. Asana  means the posture in which we can stable for long as we stay in Samadhi. These mudra help us in awakening “Kundalini” and clean the path of kundalini till it don’t reach at crown chakra. 

Mudra Includes Following:- Purak ( Inhale), Rechak(Exhale) and Kumbhak {Retain in Between (after inhale means inner retention)   and (after exhale means external retention )}  which are suppose to follow either from right nostril or left according to nature. Where Right nostril represent to sun and left represent to moon as we know already that sun is hot and moon is cold by nature. All these activity will be in a particular posture.

Shiva Sahimta :- Lord Shiva self explained these mudra in Shiva Sahimta named as below.

  1. Yoni Mudra 2. Mahamudra 3. Mahaband Mudra 4. Mahavedamudra 5. Khechri Mudra 6. Viprit Karni Mudra 7. Vajroli mudra 8. Shaktichalini Mudra

Gherand Sahimta:- According to Gherand sahimta we have many mudras named as below.

  1.  Mahamudra 2. Nabhomudra 3. Mahabandh mudra 4. Mahaved mudra 5. Khechari Mudra 6. Vipritkarni Mudra 7. Yoni Mudra 8. Vajroli Mudra 9. Shakti Chalini Mudra 10. Tadagi Mudra 11. Manduki Mudra 12. Shambhavi Mudra 13. Panchdharna Mudra 14. Parthvi dharna mudra 15. Ambhasi Mudra 16. Agnayi Mudra 17. Vayvi Mudra 18. Akashiy Mudra 19. Ashwani Mudra 20. Pashini Mudra 21. Kaki Mudra 22. Matangani Mudra 23. Bhjangi Mudra 24.  All Bandh ( Mul, Uddiyan and Jalandhar also considered in mudra in Gherand sahimta and shiv sahimta while these are basic practices for pranayama)

 Hath Yog Pardipika:- According to Hatha Yoga by Sawami Swatmaram ji there are several mudra named as below.

  1. Ashwani mudra 2. Shambhavi Mudra 3.Khechari Mudra 4. Mahabandh mudra 5. Mahaveda 6. Mahabandha 7. mahamudra 8. Amroli 9. Sahjoli  10. Unmani

Kundalini Sidhha Mahayog:-  According to Kundalini sidhha mahayog a conversation of Shri Gorakh nath ji and Maa Bhagwati Saraswati there are few more mudra came in knowledge named as below.

  1. Malodari Mudra 2. Ashwani Mudra 3. Ashwodari Mudra 4. Karshika Mudra 5. Harsha Mudra 6. Lambini Mudra 7. Jhampini Mudra 8. Sakandini Mudra 9. Karpurika Mudra 10. Ashwabandhini mudra 11.Sthanparichayika mudra 12. pattha sambodhini mudra 13. Garudi Mudra 14. Yog pattika mudra 15. shambhavi mudra 16. Khechari mudra 17. Ghurnika Mudra 18. Sarvtobhavini mudra 19. Chittbodhini modra 20. Alambini mudra 21. Sarv Rudrani mudra 22. Rudrani mudra 23. Sarika mudra 24. Palavini mudra 25. Vishthapika mudra 26. Nirmala mudra 27. Varuni mudra 28. Chakrni mudra 29. Bhadrika mudra 30. Hirnay Mudra 31. Katyayini mudra 32. Vashvi mudra 33. Manduki mudra 34.
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