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Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.

Astrology Includes Following:-

  • Sidhanta Astrology:- Siddhānta, which literally means “theory” (siddha+anta”, ie “established conclusions”) is traditional astronomy for special uses of astrology, which has many varieties broadly divided into two classes apaurusheya and paurusheya on whose basis later Tantra and Karana texts were derived.Original apaurusheya Siddhāntas, 18 in number, propounded by sages or gods. Man-made or paurusheya siddhāntas, five ancient siddhāntas and another set of five later siddhāntas now used by traditional panchānga makers. Tantra (astrological) method and texts, different from philosophical Tantra. Karana method and texts, Drig – ganita or physical astronomy.
  • Smhita Astrology:- Samhita, which includes : Medini Jyotiṣa (mundane astrology) or predictive astrology of territorial regions and is used for predicting important events such as earthquakes, weather events like storms or rains, war, national politics and economy, prices (argha-kānda), etc, based on analysis of astrological dynamics in the horoscope of a territorial region of all sizes including whole world, and/or general transit events (graha-chāra).
  • Hora Astrology
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