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Skin Disease or Herpes Scabies

Skin related treatment or may Herpes Scabies

When the skin is itching, the herpes, it becomes very bad, it becomes very bad and shame in front of people.

If you do not want to take a cream or medicine, or even if you don’t have to be comfortable, then make this skin-skinned oil on your home, it goes away.

Oil making method: Neem Peel, Salicylic, turmeric, Red Sandalwood, haraṛa, bahēṛā, Amla and neem leaves, all in the same quantity. Tilly’s oil in essential quantities. Take all the lips out of the water for 5-6 hours and make a pescara.

Put-fold of sesame oil and four-fold quantities of water into a large utensil. It will boil so long on the depression, that water water will only be left. Put this oil into a bottle of vial.

Wherever itching goes, herpes be there or rub this oil on the whole body. This oil affects miraculous effects. Continue this massage until you benefit, massage before bath or sleep and see the miracle.

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